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5 Alternatives to Cake for Your Wedding

Let me preface this by saying, I love cake. The sponge, the frosting (I prefer whipped), the malleability to turn it into cupcakes, and pops, the way it's baked in different shapes to convey the type of event! Don’t even get me started on all the fillings it could contain in those perfect layers. The point is; I love cake. But, I will say that when couples really swing for the fences and get creative with what they “cut” at the reception, I take notice. So, if you are like me and you want to switch it up a bit, let's talk about 5 other things you could do!

Now, historically, the cutting of the wedding cake symbolizes the first activity you do as a married couple. That being said, I’m going to focus on things you can “cut”, but let's be honest you could just as easily pull a donut hole out of a glazed tower to feed to your partner and be just as happy as anyone with a 7 tier confection. I digress.

1. Pie! Pie comes in so many delicious flavors that it would be exceptionally easy to find a flavor you and your partner love. With the gorgeous flakes and neat pie crust decorations to flourish the top, it’s sure to be both tasty and photogenic.

2. A giant cookie. Giant cookies are a birthday crowd pleaser for a reason. With the different types of cookies and ways of decorating it, this doesn't have to look or taste like your average Mrs. Fields dessert. And let's be honest, it's way less messy than feeding your partner cake.

3. A pancake stack would be the perfect addition to a more informal, or brunch wedding! Pancakes can easily be adjusted to fit any palette by adding in chocolate chips, fruit, or a spread. And bonus, it’ll probably be the only pancake cutting your guests will ever see at a wedding.

4. Cheesecake would be a decadent dessert to have at your wedding and if the cake topper is important to you, can easily be placed on the top. Enjoy this with a glass of champagne, and you’ll be tempted to go in for second helpings. A little advice from us, don’t resist the temptation.

5. A brownie stack could be dressed up with icing or fruits and is a less expensive alternative to other desserts. The brownie stack could also be served to a large group of people so you wouldn’t need another dessert option for your guests.

Any of these options are a wonderful way to add uniqueness to your wedding reception. Not only would they be just as beautiful to photograph as a cake but a no-brainer if you or your partner did not want cake. Whatever you decide, adding your own twist to wedding traditions is half the fun of wedding planning, so do whatever feels right for your day!



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