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What To Expect At Your Wedding Rehearsal

Picture this; you’re a few days out from your wedding, lists are being checked off, guests are trickling into town, and your dress fits like a glove! Then, the text messages start flowing in. Who is this bridesmaid walking down the aisle with? Which side does your grandma sit on? Where is the officiant going to stand? That’s right. The day most people gloss over when preparing for a wedding has come into play. The rehearsal. The wedding rehearsal is a chance for close family and friends to gather, usually the day before the wedding, to run through the ceremony, mingle with future in-laws, and enjoy a great meal together. But what should you actually expect to go over at your wedding rehearsal? Well, allow us to tell you!

You know what they say; location, location, location. Rehearsing where everyone is supposed to be during the ceremony will calm a lot of last minute jitters. Your wedding party will be paired up with who they will be walking down the aisle with, get a feel for how fast they should be walking, understand when to start walking and learn where they will be standing during the ceremony. Parents and grandparents will also get the chance to walk down the aisle so they can find their seat quicker for the next day. Family is unsure which rows are reserved for them? Not to worry! Things like that will be ironed out during this process.

The rehearsal is also beneficial for the officiant who might be performing this duty for the very first time. If your wedding is nondenominational chances are your officiant is a family friend or relative who doesn't perform ceremonies professionally. During the rehearsal they will be able to practice walking down the aisle, get comfortable with the idea of standing in front of a large group of people and work on their quick reflexes to step out of the first kiss shot! It is also an opportunity to go over how you want to be announced for the first time and which parts of the vows you want changed, if any.

Now this last one depends on what you have worked out with your venue. Usually, you are able to rehearse at your ceremony venue. If this is allowed, it’s a great opportunity to practice in the space, and do a final walk through before the big day. If your venue is unable to accommodate a rehearsal, don’t worry. Rehearsing standing locations and finalizing officiant notes can be done at almost any other space. The restaurant where the dinner takes place might have a little room you could use for an hour, or maybe someone in your wedding party lives close by and has a backyard that can be used. What really matters is getting everyone comfortable with the idea of an aisle, rows of chairs, and where the bride and groom will be standing.

With all of this in mind, you might be thinking to yourself, who runs this show? Easy. We do! All of our Jasmine, Eucalyptus and Lavender packages include a rehearsal run through with your dedicated planner. We will show up, charm mom and dad, and become best friends with your wedding party all the while running everyone through the ceremony. This is also the perfect time for us to meet your parents, officiant, and best man and maid of honor so we can put faces to names and they know who to look out for should any questions arise on your wedding day.

With all of the anticipation of your wedding day, this day should be a day of good food and drink, and hugging family you don’t see often. Remember to have fun and get a good night's sleep, everyone will do just fine ;)

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