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7 Tips for Working From Home

Since many of you now find yourselves working from the confinements of your kitchen, makeshift office, or living room, I thought it would be beneficial to share my working from home tips! I have spent the last year as a "working from home mama" so I can speak to those with little ones home as well. Remember, this is temporary. Let's make the best of it. <3

1 - Get Up Early

If you can get up before your kids, or the same time you normally would it can give you some fresh time in the morning to workout, have some coffee, or answer some emails.

2 - Take a Shower

Sounds silly, but start your day as you normally would. Personally, a shower and a fresh face of makeup helps me wake up and ready to start my day.

3 - Listen to Feel Good Music

Music helps my mood SO much. Turn on some jams and maybe even have a mini dance party to get the blood flowing. My favorite playlist on Spotify

4 - Get Outside

Take a break and go for a walk. Heck, go for a drive! Put on a podcast, play some music and see what's going on in the wild.

5 - Nap Time Hustle

Use those naps (if your kids still nap) wisely. Try to schedule calls during nap time, or some time to dedicate to a project. I also do a lot of work after my baby girl goes to bed at night.

6 - Exercise

More important now than ever. Doing some at-home workouts will help your mental health and keep you strong & healthy during all of this crazy. Many gyms & trainers are offering virtual classes, so take advantage of their classes!

7 - Turn the TV Off

Yes, it is a good idea to see what the current updates are and to be informed, but DO NOT have the TV on all day. It can be detrimental to your mental health and distract you from your work.

I hope these tips help you a little during this trying time. Stay in touch with your family & friends. We are #blessed we have the capability to Facetime & Skype to communicate with our loved ones. Can you imagine if it was the '90s and we had one phone line?! Stay healthy friends, thinking of you ALL.



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