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Gigi is a Wild One!

I cannot believe it has been a whole year of Gigi baby! This little ham would have preferred a Lizzo-themed birthday party, but we went for a more age-appropriate "wild one" vibe instead. :)

Her party was complete with lunch, cupcakes, cookies from my dear friend Samantha (The Missing Pastry), toys for days, and lots of family! ❤

I had so much fun finding "wild one" items on Etsy and making my own smash cake for her (and cupcakes for the adults). Gigi loved her cake and surprisingly didn't make a huge mess! It was also really cool to do a banner showing her monthly photos and how much she changed from month to month. Time flies! 😭

My advice on the meal is to keep it simple. We did a spiral ham from Costco in the crockpot, some fruit salad, chips, and a couple pans of cheesy hashbrowns. It was perfect for a winter Sunday in Wisconsin!

Invites & Paper Goods: Etsy & Minuteman Press (printing)

Smash Cake & Cupcakes: A good ole funfetti cake mix & frosting from Hyvee :)

Gigi's Outfit: Etsy

Balloons: Etsy

High Chair Skirt: Etsy

Plates, Napkins & Utensils: Amazon

Most of these lovely photos: Kelsey Nicole Photography

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